Gloria Wang

what I’m up to:
    -- interaction designing︎︎︎
    -- graphic designing
    -- art directing
    -- video producing
    -- writing & researching WWII History

can also be found:
    -- advocating for educational equity w/ KIPP Austin
    -- reading, especially fiction by AAPI authors, art theory, or long-form journalism
   -- documenting my life in photos


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JP Morgan’s CIB (Corporate and Investment Bank) Risk Management helps the firm understand, mitigate, and anticipate risks. As an intern on the Wholesale Credit Risk- Products team, my work helps credit officers with their role, which is to assess, approve, and manage credit/counterparty risks on an industry, client, geographic, and transaction basis.

As a products team intern, I acted as both a product manager and a product designer depending on product needs. I piloted several cross-functional projects and designed features to hep credit officers assess and mitigate risk for clients experiencing financial difficulties.


Product Manager/Product Designer Intern


9 weeks (June ‘23-August ‘23)

Wholesale Credit Risk- Product



*Project details cannot be disclosed publicly. Please contact directly for details.*

What I Did

User Research
   - Administered user interviews with stakeholders (credit officers)
       - Goals: 
               - Understand the usability of the current product
               - Ensure that new solutions would actually address user pain points

User Experience Design
   - Designed and validated designs through 17 interface iterations
   - Worked with another full-time interaction designer as well as engaged with product   managers, developers, and stakeholders

Key Takeaways

From a technical standpoint, I gained a more advanced understanding of design systems and using components from JPMC internal design systems to speed up our workflow in Figma, which allowed us more time to focus on the real user experience beyond the interface. 

As a designer, I became so much more familiar with the design process and realized that design isn’t just making a screen look pretty- it’s also about creating something feasible and balancing business needs. 

Finally, I realized that despite taking a methodical and detailed approach, design is not linear. Through each iteration, I was challenged to truly understand not just the platform, but how credit officers interact with it every day. Each version cleared up my own misconceptions and questions to ultimately allow me to deliver a design that was functional and clean.